Chatbots are exactly what Digital Marketers need now

Chatbots are exactly what Digital Marketers need now If you’ve been keeping a tab on digital marketing, you’ll know that the trend of messaging servic...

Feb 2017 Meetup @ Google Singapore
May 2017 Meetup @ Google Singapore

Chatbots are exactly what Digital Marketers need now

If you’ve been keeping a tab on digital marketing, you’ll know that the trend of messaging services is no longer just a trend. In fact the most famous that has been circulating around digital marketings slide deck is the use of messengers has surpass the use of internet.

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Internet users are spending more and more time on chat apps — whether mobile or desktop, and marketers are now looking at leveraging this usage to get in front of consumers.

So what are Chatbots? 

For those of you who don’t know, Chatbots are essentially AI-powered “robots” within a messaging app that can help a brand or business communicate with its customers without the need for a human to be as involved. Facebook Messenger announced their API for developers, enabling them to start building Chatbots in Messenger.

Most Chatbots have some sort of “push” or “pull” for information and data. For example, Poncho the weather cat.

Are Chatbots going to be amazing for marketers?

The number of platforms that brands need to be on for maintaining their digital presence is increasing by the day. This has resulted in multiple marketing campaigns being run across various channels — the need to keep them all up-to-date consistently can be a hard task. The size of each of these audiences has also grown tremendously. Many brands have a global presence and have become timezone agnostic thanks to social media.

Using Chatbots, marketers can interlink their accounts and update them via a message from anywhere- Slack, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc. Marketers can also have theChatbots complete basic or nuanced tasks such as scheduling content, monitoring ads, or replying quickly to customers.

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Come to our meetup on May 25th and learn how you can start leverage this amazing marketing channel and develop your first Chatbot!

Android In Asia: Building Chat Bots for Messenger and more!


7:00pm- 7:30pm – Refreshment and Social 

7:30pm – 8:00pm- Building Chat Bots on Facebook Messenger

7:40pm – 8:10pm – Open for presentors

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